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Clinical Nutrition

I am a Science Based Nutrition TM affiliated practitioner.  I believe that the first step to optimal wellness is see what you are up against. This is accomplished by scientifically evaluating the imbalances in your body through a combination of labwork, examining your body, evaluating everything that you consume, analyzing your environment and looking at your lifestyle.

The next step is to determine what changes need to be made in order to maximize your health potential and then implement your personalized game plan.  It is important to periodically evaluate your progress and tweak that game plan until you reach maximum improvement.  When the imbalances of the human body are balanced, diseases, disorders and symptoms often spontaneously disappear.  The final goal is then to maintain your optimal health.  That is my clinical nutrition practice in a nutshell.

Sigma Instruments & Computerized Adjusting

The Pro-Adjuster by Sigma Instruments was a breakthrough in Chiropractic technology. Dr. Evangel had the 1st Pro-Adjuster Center in New Jersey in 2001. Sigma Instruments now has evolved this cutting edge technology to the Ultralign, the "grandson" of the Pro-Adjuster. It is our opinion that the Ultralign is the most advanced piece of Chiropractic evaluation and treatment equipment in existence today. It is a marvel of technology and allows our office to achieve amazing results for our patients. The Ultralign has many more protocols and techniques that were just a dream when the Pro-Adjuster was first introduced.

Cold Laser Therapy Website

Cold Laser Therapy can be used for muscle, nerve and joint conditions. Cold Laser Therapy has been used in Europe for decades but was only cleared by the F.D.A. less than 20 years ago for use in the United States. This therapy also known as Low Level Laser Therapy, uses red and infra-red light energy to accelerate healing. It has F.D.A. clearances for a wide variety of pain, muscle and joint conditions. Laser therapy is extremely safe and effective. Cold Laser Therapy Video

All Natural Joint Creams by Aarisse Health Care Products

Joint Medic and ArthritiCare are natural creams designed to deliver pure, safe, helpful supplements to areas of inflammation and pain.

All-natural skin moisturizers help deliver its ingredients at
optimum levels as suggested by leading health experts.

Free of chemicals and synthetics like ethoxylated wetting agents, PEG 8Stearate, PEG 100 Stearate, Polyethylene Glycol, Polysorbate 60, or Polysorbate 80, which may be contaminated with 1,4-dioxane, a known carcinogen.

Hygienically sealed pump dispenser delivers 60 doses.

Does not contain any paraben-class preservatives which can irritate the skin.

No chemical preservatives -- No isopropyl myristate used.

Uses unique natural Liposome carriers exclusively, not cosmetic oils, so it's non-comedogenic and won't clog pores.

Vegan formulation with no animal products or by-products.

Cruelty-free - no animal testing.

Has earned a National and Internationally high reputation as a superior product thanks to its extra-ordinary packaging, formulation, purity and price-per-measured-dose value.

Bio-Identical Hormones For Men & Women by Aarisse Health Care Products
Progesta Plus For Women

  • Protect against hot flashes, Fibrocystic breast tumors, migraines and more.
  • Build new bone mass and density, regardless of a woman's age.
  • Balance estrogenic dominance due to processed foods & environmental pollution.

ProgestaPlus unique features:

  • Lasts 2 months; 60 pumps per container - a great value!
  • Derived from Wild Yam in a patented delivery system.
  • Sealed pump dispenser for freshness and exact measured dosage.
  • No adverse side effects! Safer than Provera and Premarin.

Prosta-Health For Men
Dr. John Lee reports that just as in women, men can suffer from the effects of "Estrogen Dominance" (an unnatural excess of it within one's body). Estrogen excess results from an over- abundance of estrogen, estrogenic substances and steroidal growth hormones in the food we eat compounded by our exposure to petro-chemicals, solvents, pesticides and toxins in our modern environment.

A growing library of research connects estrogen dominance as a factor leading to increases of both prostate and breast cancers. Recent clinical research has suggested that natural progesterone can counteract the toxic effects of estrogen dominance.

Dr. Lee's male patients who used natural progesterone supplementation experienced enhanced libido (sex drive) and that sufficient balances can improve a man's overall well being and sexual performance.

Do Men produce progesterone naturally?

Yes, Dr. Lee's studies show that in healthy men progesterone is manufactured in the adrenal and testes glands. Adequate levels of progesterone are an integral part in maintaining a healthy prostate. Two noted progesterone researchers, Dr. B. Formby and TS.Wiley, recently published the results of their medical research explaining the important role of natural progesterone in promoting good health and well being for men.

Pettibon Decompression Table

We have the PSRT (Pettibon Spinal Rejuvenation Table™), which converts gravity into traction. Published research documents its effectiveness in the re-hydration of discs and rehabilitation of the spine. The PSRT was designed to combine the force of gravity with the power of vibration to produce the amazing clinical statistics to support the phenomenal results.

Multi Vitamin & Mineral Supplement

I recommend intraMAX, which is a 100% carbon-bond liquid microcomplexed™ trace mineral supplement, plus an all-in-one multivitamin and much more. It contains 71+ trace minerals along with other health promoting "super foods" which totals more than 415+ essential carbon-bond organic microcomplexed™ nutrients in each bottle.

Ion Biome Supplement For Leaky Gut

Ion Biome is the first balanced carbon redox molecule supplement that actually restores the tight junctions. Ion Biome is derived from fossilized soil deposits in the deserts of the Western United States, these carbon redox molecules are the communication network of gut protection and restoration.

What Exactly Does Ion Biome's Science Show?

Science increasingly shows that the GALT (gut-associated lymphoid tissue) in the gut membrane lining means that a healthier gut supports immune system function.

Ion Biome provides a framework of communication for the gut bacteria, because of the ancient soil/bacteria carbon molecules that, when stabilized, contain the same carbon-based redox signaling molecules produced by gut bacteria. This directly affects mitochondrial redox signaling with a differential response, improves healthy cell longevity, increases apoptosis (cell death) in unhealthy cells. Ion Biome has an intelligence!

By strengthening the tight junctions in the gut, the gut is healthier.  Unpublished clinical observations indicate Ion Biome may cause an increase in diversity of species. Science shows that the presence of a greater diversity of healthy species of bacteria in the gut is correlated with greater health in the body. [We are in the process of a clinical trial to verify this increase in diversity gut of microbial species.

Ion Biome supports the Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM) via the direct ion channel exchange on nerves and bacteria in the gut, and provides indirect support of the tight junction/ECM network of the central and peripheral nervous system.  Ion Biome helps with neurological functioning and reduces "brain fog".

Poor dietary choices, including GMOs, antibiotic use in humans and in livestock, environmental toxins,and using NSAIDS for pain all damage the gut.  Ion Biome helps to heal that damage.

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